There are many reasons for Summer to be my favorite season. The weather, town is packed and there are SO many outdoor things to do… Branson is running full tilt right now and it’s the PERFECT time to get in the car (plane, train, bus or boat) and get your selves to B-Town.

In the old days, our tourist mecca was pretty much a “Memorial Day to Labor Day” kind of destination. When schools let out, the town would begin to fill and by the time schools started back up, Branson would empty out again until the next year. But then… “The Branson Boom” happened and our season was extended way beyond what it ever had been before.

Once all the stars began making Branson, MO their home, and their permanent performance address, a whole new group of visitors discovered our live show business capitol and the boom years were, “on like a light switch.” The Spring and Fall seasons, and eventually the Christmas season, brought millions on new visitors from a whole new demographic, the Senior traveler. But Summer time has remained the staple season throughout it all. And again, this year, millions and millions of young families will discover Branson for the first time, or return on their annual Summertime Fun pilgrimage to America’s great Midwest.

Whether you are seeing Branson, Missouri for the first time, or returning as a veteran of our theater and music show city, take advantage of all the new things you’ll find in Branson, like our new VIP guided sightseeing tours. Visitors looking for things to do will discover Branson from the air conditioned comfort of our Mercedes Sprinter Coach. You will learn all about the rich history of Ozark Mountain Country as well as the story of our, one of a kind, music show industry.

If it’s your first time to Branson, or if you love to visit us every year, virtually everyone who rides with us sees something new or learns something new about it while listening to our funny and knowledgeable sightseeing tour guides. Highlights include the story of Branson’s music show industry; how tourism began in the Ozarks; the Shepherd of the Hills Inspiration Tower; Table Rock Lake and Dam; incredible scenic overlooks; Billionaire Johnny Morris’ Top of the Rock; College of the Ozarks; the railroad city of Hollister Missouri; Historic Downtown Branson and discover all the fun activities, indoors and out, during our awesome warm weather season.

Its summer time, come explore Branson for the first time, or go sightseeing with us when you return, but enjoy the sights, sounds and stories of the Ozarks with VIP Tours of Branson, your summer time friends in Branson, Missouri, were not just a “thing to do” while you’re here, were the experts on Summer time fun!


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