Branson’s Big Things

Since 1991, Branson MO has been known as the “Live Music Show Capital of the World.” Now, THAT’s a BIG statement. It’s big enough to inspire this blog about others who help put the “Big” in Branson.

A drive down today’s famous Hwy 76 strip in Branson fill the senses with the sights and sounds of a vibrant tourist destination. There is sizzling signage covered in neon and pop lights; attractive locator signs for amazing shopping locations; exciting marquis to advertise our huge array of attractions; and signs for the Ozarks’ hotels, motels, resorts and campgrounds. And you will not have to look very hard to find a dizzying array of “GIANT THINGS” on one of Missouri’s crown jewels, “Country Music Boulevard.”

In order, from our Discover Branson sightseeing tour, we first see what is billed as, “The World’s Biggest Banjo,” inside the pizza joint at Grand Country Resort. And right next door? “The World’s Biggest Fiddle!” Yup, a 2-for-1. Grand Country Resort is not only Branson’s most inclusive resort, it’s home to two of our, now famous, big things.

Next as we drive past other eye-popping Branson landmarks we see a giant rocking chair in front of the Outback Steak House, followed by the largest rooster in the world, standing proudly at the entrance to The Great American Steak and Chicken House restaurant. And a short drive further, we pass another restaurant owned by the same company which features a gigantic meatball covered with sauce, complete with a giant fork sticking out the top. This, my friends is Pasghetti’s Italian Restaurant. A great location for this bit of giant food, because of its proximity to…

KING KONG dominates this part of the Branson Strip by sitting on top of a looming scale model of a big city skyline, all of it sitting on top of the Hollywood Entertainment Center, home to Branson’s wax museum. Some of the best wax figures in the world are displayed within eyeshot of another Branson Icon, the Titanic Museum. This “titanic” 1/3 scale replica of the front half of the ill-fated steam liner appear to be plowing through the waves in a crash course with Hwy 76 Country Music Blvd. and from their parking lot, you can plainly see the newest addition to our list of giant things, a Ferris wheel.

Built for the Chicago World’s Fair in the 1930s, this Ferris wheel sat on Chicago’s Navy Pier for many decades until it was moved to Branson for a complete update and a new role as one of the stars of our new city skyline. Covered with computer controlled, “million color LEDs” the light shows on both sides of the wheel will not disappoint.

I always say that taking a sightseeing tour, when you first get to town, is like taking a walk past the entire buffet before you start filling your plate. How do you know what you want to eat until you’ve seen the whole menu, right? A trip down Branson, Missouri’s beautiful boulevard calls to mind the Las Vegas’ strip or New York’s 42nd street. Also, BIG… but tour it first so you’ll know what YOU want to eat from Branson’s buffet of “Giant Things.”